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Hi Shelby,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arkansas Singles for making it possible to meet someone like Troy.  He was my very first match and is SO much more than I ever expected. Troy is funny, thoughtful, caring and super cute. The list could go on and on!  He makes me smile EVERY day! We seem to be compatible on every level!  With the exception of the dreaded "jogging" that he does... Can you imagine running with no one chasing you? LOL

Seriously, I may have truly found all that I could ever hope for!

Thanks again!

Your Personal Matchmaking Team

As a member you will be working closely with your very own personal matchmaking team. Every introduction you meet will have been hand selected by Your Personal Matchmaking Team based on a combination of your wants, client compatibility and your matchmaker’s intuition and experience. This ensures you meet only those singles who you have the best chance for success. Eliminating wasted time, money, energy and resources. No dating someone for 6-months to find out that they don’t share similar core values and life goals. Just think, the phone rings and it’s another great match from Your Personal Matchmaking Team.

With our proven feedback process, your matchmaker will guide you in the dating process, encouraging and helping you along the way. Whether it is what to wear on the date or encouragement to beat those first date nerves Your Personal Matchmaking Team is there for you.

Have fun get to know your team of matchmakers. Your matchmakers is going to will be there to encourage you along the way. Introducing you to fun, local singles. Oh and by the way, if marriage is part of your relationship goals, they will also gladly dance at your wedding! Just part of their job!

As a client of Arkansas Singles, you can approach dating with confidence and excitement. You are well on your way to meeting special someone.