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Hi Donni,

Some of the qualities I appreciate about Les is that he is interested in me and shows his concern, and I know, would do anything within his power to assist if possible. He is kind, considerate, trustworthy and is a true gentlemen.

All of the men I've been introduced to through Arkansas Singles have been true gentlemen. They have shown utmost consideration for me and have been interesting to talk to. I seem to have a lot in common with each gentleman and I can communicate with each one without any trouble. Please put me on hold for a while.

How We Work

The Arkansas Singles “Meet Your Match” formula of meeting singles is truly revolutionary. Designed by industry leaders, the “Meet Your Match” formula brings personal matchmaking to local singles with proven methods that previously were only available to a select few. The “Meet Your Match” formula embodies our simple philosophy of “We do all the work, you have all the fun!” Follow along and learn why our “Meet Your Match” formula is the best choice to meet quality local singles.

Our Extensive Marketing Approach
We utilize an extensive array of marketing efforts to recruit quality singles. Our comprehensive search efforts ensure we seek out and find the areas most eligible singles for you to meet.

Our Diverse Membership
Our members come from all walks of life and professions and include professionals and business owners all the way to the those enjoying retirement. We absolutely have someone for everyone.

Our No Games Attitude
The true common denominator within our clients is in their commitment to wanting to meet relationship-minded singles. Our clients have dated before and know the trappings of meeting singles that do not share their relationship goals.

Our Local Offices and Professional Staff
Our professional staff meets with all clients face-to-face in our comfortable professional office settings. We know it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible as you get to know us and learn how we can work for you.

Our Vetting Process
Members undergo a vetting process where their identification is verified and background screening is performed. This provides peace of mind that each member you meet goes through the same vetting process. The vetting process is not available with conventional dating methods most singles have tried.

Your Matchmaking Profile
Each member completes an extensive personal matchmaking profile, which is used by your Personal Matchmaking Team in the introduction process. The profile covers important information about the member and about the people that they would like to meet.  The matchmaking profile is among the most extensive in the industry.

Your Personality Profile
Members complete a personality profile that measures their core values. This information is to ensure you are matched to singles that are compatible with your personality and core values.  Intellect, social activity, financial responsibility, honesty, sexuality and humor are only a few of the areas that are measured in the personality profile and used by your personal matchmaking team.

Your Personal Matchmaking Team
Once a member you will be working closely with your team of personal matchmakers. Utilizing your matchmaking and personality profile your experienced matchmaker will hand select those introductions that most closely match your predefined request. This ensures you meet only those singles that you have the best chance for success. No more dating someone for 6-months to find out that don't share similar core values and life goals. With our proven feedback process, your matchmaker will guide you in the dating process, encouraging and helping you along the way.

As a member of Arkansas Singles you can approach dating with newfound confidence and excitement, knowing you’re well on the path to meeting that special someone.